DJs often disregard the quality of their sets. Yet, an artist's set is as much a representative of his skill as his tracks, and ignoring that factor could potentially turn away the booking agents who make their decision of whether or not they will book an artist based on what they have heard in his set, not in his tracks.

    As a quality-oriented podcast, we have to reject sets that are awfully clipped. Despite being recorded from tracks in lossless quality, some of them sound terrible because novice DJs conclude that the best way to ensure the continuous loudness is to increase gain to a point when the waveform resembles a sheer brick wall. On the other hand, sets that aren't clipped are naturally quiet and their gain level is often inconsistent.

    This is because maintaining steady gain level while DJing is not as easy task. We get accustomed to loud music very quickly and so the longer we listen, the quieter the perceived sound gets. This causes an irresistible urge to raise the volume—quieter audio means a decline in energy, which plays on DJ's inherent fear of losing the crowd's interest.

    We can master your set—to level and maximize its gain while preventing clipping, achieving loudness without decimating the quality. You can take a look at a waveform of a set before and after we have mastered it via screenshot comparison provided here, or listen to both versions and inspect them at your convenience, here.

    The prices of mastering are as follows:


● For sets under 80 minutes, the price is €10.

● For sets between 80 and 140 minutes, the price is €15.

● For sets over 140 minutes, the price is €20.


    Once you've decided to order our mastering service, you can contact us via Facebook, or by the means of the Mastering Order form below. Provide a link to your set recorded at a low gain, and within 48 hours we will send you the mastered version along with the credentials of our digital wallet.