To be honest, Aivazovsky Waves is very fun to work on. By times, it doesn't seem as real work at all.

    However, it takes real time to maintain the site, write reviews, interview artists, listen and select submitted sets, upload each of them to Soundcloud, Mixcloud, Bandcamp, and so on.

    All these platforms, availability of lossless audio, complete tracklists to every set, all that is done for your convenience. It's done so that you could read the reviews of top techno releases and every Monday listen to new, carefully selected techno sets on platform and in format of your preference, and of course, do it for free.

    And while it's free to listen to our podcast and browse the site, the hosting is far from free. Soundcloud alone sums up to €99 a year. It would be nice if at least our podcast paid for itself, so that the money element wouldn't add to time and effort that is required to run it.

    Apart from that, if Aivazovsky Waves had a bigger budget, we could publish our sets through even more streaming services, hire more writers and produce more reviews, which means reaching an even wider audience, convincing even more great artists to contribute their sets to our podcast, and ultimately, deliver a better service to you.


It comes down to this - you can chose to help Aivazovsky Waves, or you can chose not to.


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